SGW has been integrating digital technologies with marketing communications for more than 25 years, well before digital became a cool “buzz” word. Our non-traditional strategies focus on integrating multiple touchpoints to establish trusting relationships between our clients and their stakeholders. The difference today is, we have a lot more social touchpoints and we don’t need to employ high-end, costly programmers to write customized code or create unique metrics. Our philosophy has never changed. We just operate smarter, faster and more efficiently.

SGW blends the human factor and gives a face to all of our healthcare branding and marketing strategies. We focus on speaking directly to patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, and especially key stakeholders like trustees and foundation board members. We speak their language and create engaging, powerful multi-media campaigns. We’ll even integrate virtual reality, streaming video, mobile apps and 3D animation to support key population health initiatives, and convert stakeholders into well-informed brand ambassadors.

While we’re very proud of the hundreds of creative awards we’ve won over the years, we’re much prouder of the successful results we have delivered for many of our healthcare clients.